360° Panaromas

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Thrice Upon A Time In Mexico (220MB)(AVI)(DIVX)

360° Panaromas (hosted on
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The Tooth of Time @ Philmont (1.86MB) (QTVR) (FLASH)
Baldy Mountain @ Philmont (2.32MB) (QTVR)
Woodland Lake (Alpine Lake Camping Resort) (5.43MB)(QTVR)
Alpine and Woodland Lake (Alpine Lake Camping Resort)(8.51MB)(QTVR)
Forked Lake (near Long Lake, NY) (16.3MB)(QTVR)
Kelly's Point, Long Lake (near Long Lake, NY) (21.6MB)(QTVR)
Cascade Mtn. Adirondacks, (near Lake Placid, NY) (2.16MB)(QTVR)

Photos (hosted on Requires membership These are all of my online photo albums. I now have the up at There are also the ones hosted on ImageStation. Yhe ImageStation gallerys will no longer be updated. You need an imagestation account to see them. Also check out the pictures on my moblog (taken with my cameraphone, so dont expect anything high quality).

RPI Nighttime
NBR- Silver Bay - Camping Quest
Venture Crew 2005 Canoe Trip
Deleware River Rafting/Canoeing Trip 2005
Class of 2005 Senior Trip
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Verona, 12.17.04
Apple Picking with Mr. Manzers Gym Class
Hallway Decoration 2004
Fifty Mile hike on AT 2004
Philmont 2004
Dan Robbins' Philmont 2004 (© Dan R.)
Summercamp 2004 at Henderson Scout Camp
Alpine Lake 2002
Prom 2004
Trip to Florids/Disneyworld
Immirsion 2004
Smugglers Notch 2004
Deer (in my backyard)
Coco (my dog)
Klondike 2004
Cricket (my cat)
Bull Hill Physics Hike
Winter 2003-2004
Haldane Varsity Soccer 2003
Alpine Lake 2003
T95 Washington Trip
Misc Pictures
Troop 95 England Trip 2003
Washington Trip (school)

Moblog (hosted on

Video (hosted on
WARNING: These are large/medium size files so if you have dial-up and dont feel like waiting then dont view them.
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T95 Trip to the UK (135MB) (AVI)(DIVX)
Dan Fortini Breaking the 5 minute grilled cheese record (12.1MB) (MOV)
The interview afterward (4.33MB) (MOV)